Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic

About Dr. Maya Tasic

Dr. Tasic is not only a highly trained Certified Laser Technician, but is also a doctor of Psychology. She is a leader in the tattoo removal industry, and can assure safe and effective procedures for all of her patients. Dr. Tasic insists on performing all the procedures herself, ensuring that you are in the hands of a highly trained professional at all times.

During the time Dr. Tasic devoted herself to her doctorate degree and practice, she had the opportunity to engage with some exceptional men, women and youths who had been through some traumatizing experiences. Dr. Tasic noticed a recurring theme during her conversations: she became aware that many of her clients were being held back because of their tattoos, either practically, by not being able to find gainful employment, or emotionally, because of what the tattoos symbolized for them. Also, some of the people she spoke with expressed their desire to have certain tattoos removed or lightened in order for another beautiful piece of art to take their place.

Dr. Tasic decided to look further into the issue and discovered that there were not enough professional, affordable or highly reputable places to send her clients to. Even as someone who appreciates tattoos as art and self-expression, Dr. Tasic sees the need to give people more options in their lives and the need for second chances, and that is why she decided to open the Xink laser tattoo removal clinic.

Dr. Tasic is determined to provide expert service for anyone who is seeking to create a new image for themselves through either the removal of a current tattoo or lightening of one so that it can be cover up with a new piece of art.

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About Xink Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic

Xink laser tattoo removal clinic is a state of the art facility offering professional laser tattoo removal procedures in the city of Clawson, immediately next to downtown Troy. We are among the most reputable clinics in the greater Detroit area for tattoo removal and known for achieving excellent results.

Those who feel regret after getting a tattoo now have a second chance, and those who just need more space or lightening have an opportunity to get more great art. Laser tattoo removal is a very effective, non-invasive solution for unsightly or unwanted tattoos. Xink laser tattoo removal clinic is the area's top choice for those wanting their tattoo(s) permanently removed.

We have the gold standard in Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser equipment, making certain that every patient receives the best cosmetic results possible. You can walk into our clinic in total confidence knowing that you will receive professional tattoo removal and be given compassionate care while undergoing your treatments.

Dr. Tasic is a highly skilled Certified Laser Specialist who has extensive training in both laser science and in operating our very specialized laser technology to remove tattoos with the greatest of care and skill.

Although the clinic was initially inspired by Dr. Tasic's compassion for those who were discriminated against because of their tattoos, it has become so much more. Xink laser tattoo removal clinic has also become a way for Dr. Tasic to honor the heroes of her community and to give back. At the Xink laser tattoo removal clinic we celebrate and reward by offering a discounted rate to the heroes who have helped shape our society in various ways, and exhibited admirable strength and courage, such as veterans, police officers, fire fighters, teachers, and medical professionals.

Call to schedule a complimentary consultation (248.764.3131) or email us. We understand your concerns and will take the time to examine your tattoo(s) and answer any and all questions you may have.

Laser Removal Equipment

The Q-Switched Laser

Our gold standard Q-Switched laser is designed and manufactured in the USA. Our state of the art manufacturer has more than 20 years of experience, 30 plus U.S. patents in the cosmetic laser industry. They have developed some of the most advanced machines on the market today. Our system is widely acclaimed by both medical professionals and patients for their superior results.

The Q-Switched laser has replaced both the carbon dioxide and argon laser for treatment of tattoo ink due to its superior results. The Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser delivers a fast and powerful pulse, ensuring the best possible shattering of the ink. Due to its high energy and short pulse duration, the pulse comes out at billionths of a second, shattering the pigment in the skin so it can be easily and gently be removed through a natural process in the body, while leaving the surrounding area to remain relatively unaffected.

State of the Art Cooling System

The Xink laser tattoo removal clinic also offers a state of the art cooling system at no additional charge. Our Zimmer Cryo is an award winning piece of skin cooling technology. It produces a gentle and comfortable numbing to our clients’ skin and significantly reduces any discomfort during the procedure by blowing an ice cold stream of air onto the treatment area. This technology is far more effective than ice-packs, cryogels or any form of contact cooling. The intensity of the fans is easily adjusted for optimum comfort to the client.